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Old Hunting Cabin (Stara horaren) Dobsina
Old Hunting Cabin (Stara horaren) Dobsina
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The Vazecka cave
Address 032 61 Važec
Telephone +421 44/529 4171

    Situated in the Vazecky Karst, at the meeting place of Kozie chrbty (Goat Ranges) with the Liptovska Basin, at the western border of Vazec. It was formed in the Middle Triassic limestones by the former ponor waters of the White Vah river.
The length of the cave is 530 m. The cave spaces are decorated mostly by stalactites, stalagmites and sinter pools. It is an important finding-place of the bones of speleal bear (Ursus spelaeus). The entrance hall was long known to the local people.
The continuation of cave spaces was discovered in 1922. The cave was provisionally open to the public in 1934. After reconstruction in 1954, 235 m have been open to the public.

Možnosti ubytovania
The cottage LIPJAN in Liptovsky Jan Reserve    The cottage is situated just before the private forest by the river where your privacy is guaranteed.
Address , 032 03 Liptovský Ján Telephone +421 44/526 3260 
Privat ZDENKA Demanova Reserve    We offer one apartment with a separate entry, two double rooms and one extra bed. Guests have also a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with shower and WC at their disposal.
Address Demänová 248,  Telephone +421 44/5549 279 
WWW Penzion ATRIUM Poprad Reserve      The Atrium offers an accomondation in doublerooms with their own bathrooms or in appartments for more demanding customers. The Atrium restaurant presents all day
Address Sobotské námestie 1779/25, Poprad 058 01 Telephone 00421 52/7769522, 00421 52/7892762 
WWW TATRA HOTEL*** Poprad Reserve      Tatra Hotel offers pleasant accommodation close to Poprad city centre with a magnificent view of the Hight Tatra mountains.
Address Karpatská 7, Poprad Telephone +421 52/7871 700-01,+421 52/7871 702 
WWW Hotel SMREK** Liptovsky Hradok Reserve    Hotel Smrek is situated in the centre of the town Liptovský Hrádok and offers you an accommodation in rooms of standard quality divided in hotel and tourist part. The hotel with capacity of 85.
Address SNP 172, 033 01 Liptovský Hrádok Telephone +421/44/5222 572 
WWW ARW STUDIO Ruzomberok Reserve    Ubytovanie v poschodových štúdiách v Ružomberku. Štúdio pozostáva: denný priestor s kuchyňou, vstup, kúpelňa, spálňa pre 4 os. v podkroví. Na vyžiadanie - prístelok pre piatu osobu a detskú postielku. Poskytujeme starostlivosť o dieťa.
Address Kalvárska 11, 03401 Ružomberok Telephone +421 905/460791 
WWW Music hotel BONIFAC, Liptovsky Mikulas Reserve     We offer accomodation in historical centre of the city Liptovsky Mikulas
Address Bellova 696/2, 031 01 Liptovský Mikuláš Telephone +421 905 30 30 30 
WWW Hotel SATEL * * * Poprad Reserve     Hotel Satel is modern hotel situated nearby the Poprad town centre - entrance gateway into the High Tatra mountains. Hotel capacity is 200 basic beds and 43 extrabeds in single- and double rooms.
Address Mnoheľova 826/5, Poprad Telephone Tel.+421-52 7161 111, +421 918 898720 
WWW Autocamping VAVRISOVO (Liptovsky Hradok) Reserve    This autocamping belongs to municipality Vavrisovo. It is divided into two parts: cottages and tent camp.
Address Vavrišovo, 03242 Telephone +421 44/527 1073-obecný úrad, +42 +421 910/139836, ATC-recepcia +421 910 225 397- ATC recepcia 
WWW Boarding house BARBORKA Spisska Sobota (Poprad) Reserve    The boarding house Barborka invite you to its originally furnished rooms.
Address Pod bránou č.4 , Spišská Sobota Telephone +421 52/7762 545, +421 905/664 195 
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