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Address Národný park Nízke Tatry, Internátna 2
     974 01 Banská Bystrica
Telephone +421 48/4130 820

The national Park and its natural beauty offer unlimited possibilities for personal enrichment on nearly a thousand kilometres of marked hiking trails, some of which are used in winter as cross-country skiing tracks. Lovers of downhill skiing come to enjoy themselves on well-groomed ski slopes, some of which are covered with artificial snow.
For a courageous, there are even areas reserved for alpine skiing. In summer, you can delight in views from the ridge and along recomended bicycle paths through the deep valleys and in foothills. You can also enjoy historical points of interest, traditional folk architecture and typical Slovak customs and hospitality.
The densely forested hills of the Low Tatras (Nizke Tatry) run parallel to the High Tatras, sprawling between the valleys of the Vah and Hron rivers. They form the center of an 810 square kilometer (311 square mile) national park packed with thick forests, indigenous wildlife, and hidden caves.
The main ridge is 80 km (50 miles) long; the highest peak is Dumbier (2,042 m or 6,810 ft) while Chopok (2,024 m or 6,746 ft) attracts the most tourists.
Somewhere an old travel book says the geographic heart of Europe is tn the wooden mountains of the Low Tatras. Heart - the word is used so much it loses its significance. But soul - is seems right that Europe's should be in the wilderness.

Possibility of accommodation
WWW Hotel ** BIELA MEDVEDICA Bystra Reserve     It is a * *category hotel, 130 beds, with full equipment, southern side, 3 apartments, restaurant, snack bar, Slovak specialities, and summer terrace.
Address Bystrá 115, 97701 Brezno Telephone +421 48 619 5323, GSM: +421 903 529 442 
Privat ZDENKA Demanova Reserve    We offer one apartment with a separate entry, two double rooms and one extra bed. Guests have also a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with shower and WC at their disposal.
Address Demänová 248,  Telephone +421 44/5549 279 
WWW Pension MARINA Brezno Reserve     You can choose from two attic suites - four bed and two bed ones with the possibility of extra bed in the smaller suite. Both suites have got kitchenette with fridge and cooker, toilets and shower.
Address Rázusova 1, 977 01 Brezno Telephone +421 48/6113 713, tel/ fax +421 48/6114 072 
WWW Hotel KLAR Liptovsky Mikulas Reserve       We would like to invite you to the hotel KLAR that is situated in Liptovsky Mikulas, in the middle of Liptov fold, circumscribed with the mountains Low and West Tatras.
Address Ul. 1 mája 117, 031 01 Liptovský Mikuláš Telephone +421 44/5522 911-recepcia, +421 44 /5621438, +421/903 271 492 
GUEST - HOUSE HARMONIA Liptovsky Mikulas Reserve     The pension Harmonia offers accommodation in 2-, 3-, bed rooms with sanitary facilities. Rooms structure: 5 doubble rooms , 2 tripple rooms,suite=2/ 2beddrooms , appartament for 2 pax
Address Ondrašovská 1727/125, 031 01 Liptovský Mikuláš Telephone +421-44-5541 081, fax +421-44-5541 635, +421-905-356 578 
WWW Pension MARIA Bodice***Family Resosort Reserve     Since 2002, the family Mackovci doing everything possible to make the most beautiful vacation. The experience we gained before working in Austria and Switzerland, where we understand what people need on holiday.
Address Bodice 41, 031 01 Liptovský Mikuláš Telephone +421(0)908/910 171 
WWW Apartmánový dom Liptovský Hrádok Reserve   Apartmánový dom, v ktorom sa nachádzajú 4 samostatné apartmány s plne vybavenou kuchynkou a kúpelňou s WC. Apartmány sú 2-6 miestne. Súčasťou objektu je uzamykateľné parkovisko.
Address Hviezdoslavova 1, 033 01 Liptovský Hrádok Telephone +421 44/5221 721 
Penzión U HANKY Telgárt - Nízke Tatry (KRÁĽOVÁ HOLA) Reserve   RODINNÝ PENZIÓN s 10 ročnou tradíciou Vám ponúka 10 dvojposteľových izieb s kúpeľňou a WC možnosť prísteľky. A taktiež Vám zabezpečí stravovanie v reštaurácii pre 35 osôb.
Address Telgárt 99,  Telephone Tel +421(0)48/6194 616-7 , fax +421(0)48/6194 118, mobil (0)903/771 662 
WWW Hotel POLUDNICA Liptovsky Jan Reserve     Liptovský Ján is part of the Liptov area, lying within two national parks.
Address ul. Padlých hrdinov, Liptovský Ján Telephone tel/ fax +421 44/5263 139, +421 911/967 769 
WWW Apartmány ZUZANA Demänovská dolina (JASNÁ) Reserve   Ponúkame na prenájom 2 apartmány, každý pre 4 osoby, v krásnom prostredí na brehu riečky Demänovky.
Address Demänovská dolina, Jasná Telephone +421 905/389 510, +421 905/359 629, +421 44/5548 186 
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