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National Park PIENINY (PIENAP)

National Park of Pieniny (PIENAP) is situated in the middle of the forests of Magura near Tatras.  It's a part of the mountains Vychodne Beskydy and it has a continuation in the Poland. The river Dunajec crosses this territory. There is a lot of limestone hills.
Animal kingdom and flora is manifold here.

The highest hill in Pieniny is situated on the Polish side and it is called Tri Koruny (982m).  On the Slovak side the highest one is called Holica (824m). Dunajec and Poprad are the most important rivers in Pieniny.
There is a lot of brooks (for example Rieka, Lesensky, Jordanec, Riecka, Maly Lipnik and the others), lakes (Osturianske and Jezerske) and sources of acidulous water for example in Cerveny Klastor, Toporec, Vojnany, Lackova and the others.  The cold climatic area dominates here. The flora is manifold due to the different types of soil. There are mountain species, forest species, alpine species, etc.

One of the most known endemits of Pieniny is chrysanthemum (law protected), dandelion, etc. There are also some endemits from East Carpathian Monutains or some rare species which grow in TANAP, too. The trees which grow here are beech wood, lime tree, maple, ash-tree and pine. Near the brooks there are willows and alder. Animals from East Carpathian and mountains live here. There are also some endemits and rare species. There are mollusces, insect, birds (thrush, eagle, black stork (law protected), woodcock and the others), water birds, salmons and the other fishes. In the forests there are lynxes, cats, marten and the others, and also the deers, the roe-bucks and the wild boars.

Possibility of accommodation
WWW Rafting on the river DUNAJEC (Pieniny) Reserve     Wooden rafts navigation on the Dunajec River. The greatest canyon in Central Europe. The raft port is situated in the town of Cerveny Klastor.
Address Červený Kláštor, Haligovce 188 Telephone Mobil +421 905/389 413 
Rafting on the river of Dunajec in Pieniny Reserve     We offer rafting in Pieniny, on the river Dunajec on the Slovak-Polish border from I31 May to 30* October.
Address Spišskej Starej Vsi z nástupišťa Nokle rkm 168,4 ,  Telephone Tel/Fax+421 52/4822 506, +421 905/398 249 
WWW The boarding house DIANA Spiska Stara Ves Reserve      The boarding house DIANA is situated in the delightful part of northern Slovakia - Zamagurie, in the centre of town Spišská Stará Ves. Accomodation is provided in three apartments ( with 2+4 beds) an two rooms (with 2 beds) - together 22 beds.
Address SNP 134, Spišská Stará Ves Telephone +421(0)52/4822 971, tel/fax (0)52/4822 969, 0905/831 910 
WWW Pension GURMEN Stara Lubovna Reserve     There are 11 spacious comfortable rooms each with double bed along with extra accommodations Each rooms has cable television, a refrigerator, telepnone, private bath with either a tub or shower and hair dryer.
Address Nááša 1, Stará Ľubovňa Telephone +421(0)52/4281 811, fax (0)52/4281 802 
WWW Cottage and campsite GORALSKY DVOR Haligovce (Pieniny) Reserve     Suitable for family or company holidays, workshops, trips, ski trainings.
Address Haligovce, 06534 Telephone +421-905-389413 , +421 907 764 982 
WWW SPA VYSNE RUZBACHY - Slovakia Reserve     The village Vysne Ruzbachy was established near rich mineral springs at the east slopes of Spisska Magura. Its altitude is 623 m above sea level in the valley of Zalozny creek.
Address Vyšné Ružbachy 48,  Telephone +421 52 4266111,fax: 4266 560 
Penzión Gardoš Kežmarok Reserve   Ubytovanie na súkromí v dvoj a trojpostelových izbách v tichom prostredí historického mesta s posedením v záhrade
Address Biela Voda 13, 060 01 Kežmarok Telephone +421 904/547 667, +421 52/4523 840 
WWW Boarding house SILVIA Lubovnianske spa resort (Stara Lubovna) Reserve     Boarding house Silvia offers accommodation in rooms with 2, 3 - 4 beds and has a total capacity of 45 beds.
Address Ľubovnianske kúpele,  Telephone 00421 52/4321 241aj fax , mobil 0905/527 426 
WWW Pension PLTNIK Cerveny Klastor Reserve     For accommodation in the pension there are 11 double rooms and 1 family room with 2 double bedrooms with with possibility of extra beds. In the rooms there are telephones and bathrooms (shower and toilet).
Address 93, 059 06 Červený Kláštor Telephone +421 52 / 48226 56, fax +421 52 / 48225 25 
WWW Cottage BORA - Velka Frankova Reserve      The cottage is suitable for recreation for families with children and friends. It offers comfortable accommodation for 15 people in 15 rooms.
Address , 06101 Veľká Franková Telephone +421 903 881 482 
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