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The Muranska Planina National Park was established in 1997. The area of the park is 20,318 hectares and the area of its protection zone is 21,698 hectares.
This karst upland plateau is situated in the Slovenske Rudohorie Mountains, in the Central and Eastern Slovak borderland, and due to its remoteness, it has preserved its original natural character. Deep valleys with a number of waterfalls have been formed in limestone and dolomite rocks.
The abundance and great variety of karts forms of the territory are represented by 170 caves, often with dripstone decoration or glaciations, 14 chasms with Michnova being the deepest (105 metres), 70 karst springs, number of sinks and also Karen fields. Bobacka is the largest cave system, being 2,221 metres long and consisting of interesting subterranean spaces, siphons, subterranean lakes and dripstone decorations.
Extensive beech and beech-fir forests are typical for Muranska Planina plateau, but planted spruce woods may be found here as well.
There are a few planted pines on the top of the highest hill of the plateau - Fabova Hola hill (1,439 metres above the sea level). The flora with prevailing mountainous species is very rich as to its variety. The most interesting are the plants of rock habitats where the rare aromatic daphne (Daphne arbuscula) grows - this plant cannot be found in any other locality in the world. Similarly, fauna of this area is also very rich.

An abundance of molluscs, bugs, butterflies and newts, including the eye-catching salamander (Salamandra salamandra), live here. Also, there is a rich variety of birds, including the rare golden eagle ( Aquila chrysaetos ) and the biggest among owls - eagle-owl (Bubo bubo), that nest in this area. Carnivores enjoy good life conditions in this national park as well. The caves are home for approximately 18 species of bats.
The ruins of Muransky castle with the famous Ciganka cliff, but also the castle at Predna Hora give some taste of history to this territory.

Possibility of accommodation
Ubytovanie v súkromí Kubík - Polomka Reserve     We offer accommodation in the family house on independent floor on periphery of Polomka village under the Low Tatras.
Address Zápotockého 55, Polomka Telephone +421 48 6193 232, mobil:0904/516 948 
WWW Old Hunting Cabin (Stara horaren) Dobsina Reserve    Welcome to Old Hunting Cabin - a tranquil retreat snuggled comfortably in the mountain range of Slovak Paradise.
Address Lanyiho Huta, 09425 Dobšiná Telephone +421 905 486 162 
WWW Boarding-house MURAN (Revuca) Reserve       Pension in village Muráň in beautiful nature of the National part of Muránska planina (plateau) offers year-round accommodation in its facilities in double- and triple-bedrooms - altogether 22 places + 3 extra beds.
Address Muráň ,  Telephone +421 903 591962, +421 903 605 773 
Recreational facility LUCANSKE Predna Hora (Muran)    We offer excellent conditions for all sorts hiking tourism and cyclo-tourism coupled with return to Middle Ages in visiting the medieval Muran castle erected as one of the highest elevated in Central Europe.
Address Predná Hora,  Telephone +421 907/098 000, (in Germany and English language) 
Chalupa DANKA Štítnik Reserve   Ubytovanie v dvoch samostatných apartmánoch s kuchynskými kútmi a vlastnými sociálnymi zariadeniami na poschodí. Na prízemí k dispozícii letná kuchyňa so sociálnym zariadením
Address Ochtinská 444, 049 32 Štítnik Telephone 0908 041281 
WWW *** Hotel ROHOZNA Rohozna - Brezno Reserve     Hotel has an unique family atmosphere on quite place and it is suitable for people who like friendly atmposphere in the hotel.
Address Rohozná 639, 977 01 Brezno Telephone +421 48/6111184, +421 48/6111186 
WWW Camping/Apartment/B&B Sedliacky Dvor / the farmers court Brezno Reserve     Small cosy family-farm-campside nearby the low tatras. Perfectly situated for lots of beautiful trips. Come and enjoy the simple life in the countryside, and be surrounded by the fantastic, pure slovakian nature. Welcome!
Address Hliník 7, 97701 Brezno-Rohozná Telephone 00421- 911078303 
WWW Hotel ** BARBORA Vysna Boca Reserve     Hotel**Barbora is situated in the Low Tatras Mts. in the village of Vysna Boca. The hotel offers whole year accommodation, board and services. For its location, services, and vicinity of ski centre Bacova roven*** as well as conference capacities, it is s
Address Vyšná Boca 73, 032 34 Vyšná Boca Telephone + 421 - 44 - 5209 020 , + 421 - 918 777 279 
WWW Accomodation Guest house ** BARBORKA Vysna Boca Reserve    It is built in rustic style on the place of 2 original wooden houses, whose preserved parts are included in the exterior as well as in interior. The accommodation capacity is 20 persons and 4 persons on additional beds.
Address Vyšná Boca 45, 032 34 Vyšná Boca Telephone 044-5209020, 044-5291256, 0918777279 
WWW APARTMENT *** REVUCA Reserve   Accommodation in comfortable apartment
Address T.Vansovej 12, 050 01 Revúca Telephone +421 911 120 672 
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