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Hotel Gavurky *** Terchova
Hotel Gavurky *** Terchova
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The Harmanecka cave
Address 976 03 Dolný Harmanec
Telephone +421 48/ 419 8122

    Situated in the Harmanecka valley, in southern part of the Greater Fatra, to the northwest of Banska Bystrica. It was formed in the Middle Triassic limestones by the ancient paleoflow, at two developmental levels. The overall length of the cave is about 2,650 m. The cave is known for a rich occurrence of white soft sinter.
Mighty pagoda-like stalagmites, sinter waterfalls, draperies and sinter pools can easily catch your eyes. The cave shelters 9 species of bats with the dominant Myotis myotis - having the colony of about 1,000 members. Its winter colony ranks among the most important ones in Slovakia.
The entrance space called Izbica (Little Chamber) has been known to the locals since the ancient times. Farther spaces were discovered in 1932. Since 1950, accessible to the public are 720 m.

Možnosti ubytovania
WWW Boarding-house ZORNICKA (Ski Dononovaly) Reserve      Accommodation - is available throughout the year in suites, double, three and four-bedded rooms and possibility of make-up beds and a modular layout - whereby each two rooms are provided with a common facility comprising of WC and shower.
Address Donovaly 126,  Telephone +421 (0)48 4299 101 
WWW Apartment house MAGURA Donovaly Reserve       There are smaller apartment flats for 2-3 persons and larger for 4-6 persons. In each flat there is a completely equipped kitchen with electric oven and refrigerator.
Address Donovaly,  Telephone +421(0)48/4199 752, Fax: +421(0)48/4199 882, 00421(0)908/969 962 
WWW Hotel DIXON **** Banska Bystrica Reserve     The hotel congress center provides an exceptional opportunity for hosting congresses, conferences, presentations, sessions, seminars the whole year around.The overall accommodation capacity is 211 beds and 30 extra beds
Address Švermova 32, Banská Bystrica Telephone +421 48 4717800-2, Fax: +421 48 4717807 
WWW Motel MADONA Banska Bystrica Reserve    We offer accommodation in 2-3-bed rooms (TV, WC, shower). The Motel is situated near the main highway not far from the center of city Banska Bystrica.
Address Zvolenská cesta 27, Banská Bystrica Telephone +421 0905 333 900 
WWW Holiday Country House Turcianske Teplice Reserve     The house offers accommodation in a cottage environment, in two independent flat units, cap. 3 - 20 persons.
Address Žarnovická 22, 039 01 Turčianske Teplice Telephone +421(0)43/4922 056, tel+fax mob.+421(0)905/962 740 
WWW PATTY*** apartments – Donovaly Reserve      Patty apartments are operated by our company, so we can provide the highest level of quality for our guests.
Address Mistríky 467, 97639 Donovaly Telephone +421 908/177 667 
Turistická ubytovňa Sielnica Reserve     Turistická ubytovňa sa nachádza v obci Sielnica (medzi B. Bystricou a Zvolenom)poskytuje príjemnú možnosť ubytovania v regióne bohatom na prírodné zaujímavosti, turistické trasy a cyklotrasy.
Address Sielnica 301, 962 31 Sliač Telephone +421 45/5442 146 
WWW Hotel LUX * * * Banska Bystrica Reserve    Our high standards of excellent service and our professional staff will ensure that your stay in Banska Bystrica will be comfortable and enjoyable.
Address Námestie Slobody 2 , 974 01 Banská Bystrica Telephone +421 48/4370 314 
WWW Hotel VYŠEHRAD Turčianske Teplice Reserve     Is situated in Turčianske Teplice directly in the spa zone of the world known spa on the route Martin - Banská Bystrica - Kremnica.
Address ul. Kollárová č. 601, 039 01 Turčianske Teplice Telephone +421 43/492 2828 , +421 43 4922 583, +421 903 421140, +421 905 885 555 
WWW ALEXANDRA cottage Martin ( Martinske hole) Reserve      ALEXANDRA recreation house is an ideal place for groups or families with children (8 up to 12 people) which would like spending a few very pleasant days full of peace, relax, anonymity, comfort and silent.
Address Generála Svobodu 33, Martin Telephone tel.:+421 903/539 065 , +421 915/523 240 
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