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The Bystrianska cave
Address 977 01 Brezno
Telephone +421(0)48/619 5133

    Situated in the Bystra -Valaska Karst of the Upper Hron River Valley, at the southern border of Bystra village, on the southern slopes of the Low Tatras. It was formed in Middle Triassic limestones  by ponor waters of Bystrianka stream.
It consists of the Old and the New Cave, about 2,000 m in length. Shapes of river modelling  and draperies, hanging locally from the edges of sinter crusts created on the former river sediments which were later floated by the river, are attractive for visitors. Opening to the Old Cave was known to the locals since the ancient times.
Farther spaces were discovered in 1923. The precipice Peklo, through which the access to the New Cave was found later, was discovered in 1926. A part of the cave was open to the public in 1934 and 1940. The current 490 m of cave spaces have been made public in 1968. It has been serving for speleotherapeutic procedures since 1972.

Možnosti ubytovania
WWW GUEST-HOUSE ROJAS Reserve     We provide accommodation for maximum 42 people, in three separate buildings.All day restaurant available in the main building ROJAS.
Address č.d.3, 976 44 Mýto pod Ďumbierom Telephone + 421(0)48/61 952 28 
WWW Hotel MYTO*** Myto pod Dumbierom Reserve     Hotel Myto offers collective and individual stayings, schoolings. seminars, lectures, receptions and other different social events.
Address Mýto pod Ďumbierom 492, 976 44 Telephone +421 48/6300 000, +42148/6100 100, fax: +421 48/6300 188 
Hotel BIOTIKA * Krpačovo Reserve     Welcome to one of the nicest regions at the south part of the Low Tatras - the village of Krpacovo (altit. 867 m) a part of which the hotel Biotika is.
Address Krpáčovo,  Telephone +421 48-6170 053, +421 48-6170 054 
WWW Pension MARINA Brezno Reserve     You can choose from two attic suites - four bed and two bed ones with the possibility of extra bed in the smaller suite. Both suites have got kitchenette with fridge and cooker, toilets and shower.
Address Rázusova 1, 977 01 Brezno Telephone +421 48/6113 713, tel/ fax +421 48/6114 072 
WWW Hotel ** BIELA MEDVEDICA Bystra Reserve     It is a * *category hotel, 130 beds, with full equipment, southern side, 3 apartments, restaurant, snack bar, Slovak specialities, and summer terrace.
Address Bystrá 115, 97701 Brezno Telephone +421 48 619 5323, GSM: +421 903 529 442 
WWW Hotel DIXON **** Banska Bystrica Reserve     The hotel congress center provides an exceptional opportunity for hosting congresses, conferences, presentations, sessions, seminars the whole year around.The overall accommodation capacity is 211 beds and 30 extra beds
Address Švermova 32, Banská Bystrica Telephone +421 48 4717800-2, Fax: +421 48 4717807 
WWW Spa BRUSNO Reserve     In the spa, natural curative effects are provided by means of natural healing water.
Address , 976 62 Brusno Telephone +421 /48 43 11 511 , +421 /48 43 11 547 
WWW Hotel STUPKA *** Tale Reserve      Accommodation: single, double and four bedded-rooms, including accessory equipment, colour TV, satellite TV programmes available, telephone, apartments.
Address , Tále Telephone +421 48 6712 601 
WWW Boarding-house ALENA Bojnice Reserve      Four apartments, all the year long, 50m below castle and four minutes from centre.
Address Cintorínska 10, 972 01 Bojnice Telephone fax: +421 (0)46 - 519 23 01, +421 905 247 299 
WWW Hotel LUX * * * Banska Bystrica Reserve    Our high standards of excellent service and our professional staff will ensure that your stay in Banska Bystrica will be comfortable and enjoyable.
Address Námestie Slobody 2 , 974 01 Banská Bystrica Telephone +421 48/4370 314 
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