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The Demanovska cave of liberty
Address 032 51 Demänovská Dolina
Telephone +421(0)44/559 1673

    Situated in the  Demanovska valley, on the northern side of the Low Tatras, in the National Nature Reserve Demanovska Valley, in the territory of the Low Tatras National Park. It was formed in the Middle Triassic limestones by the ponor flow of Demanovka at four developmental levels,  into which steep passages modelled by lateral tributaries infall. The cave length is 8,400 m. Sinter "water-lilies" and other lacustrine forms, as well as eccentric stalactites are unique among phenomena of sinter filling. Mighty sinter waterfalls and stalagnates, sphaerolithic stalactites and many other diverse forms of stalactites and stalagmites are captivating. The cave was discovered through a dry ponor of Demanovka in 1921. A part of the cave has been open to the public since 1921, upper parts since 1933. The length of publicly accessible section is 1,800 m. Since 1993, the cave serves for speleotherapeutical procedures.

Možnosti ubytovania
WWW Hotel POLUDNICA Liptovsky Jan Reserve     Liptovský Ján is part of the Liptov area, lying within two national parks.
Address ul. Padlých hrdinov, Liptovský Ján Telephone tel/ fax +421 44/5263 139, +421 911/967 769 
WWW Chata JAKUB Demänovská Dolina Reserve    2 apartmány, každý pre 4 osoby so SWC a kuchynským kútom a 2 dvojlôžkové izby so SWC a kuchynským kútom.
Address , 031 01 Demänovská Dolina Telephone +421 905/389 510, +421 905/768 377, 
WWW Pension MARIA Bodice***Family Resosort Reserve     Since 2002, the family Mackovci doing everything possible to make the most beautiful vacation. The experience we gained before working in Austria and Switzerland, where we understand what people need on holiday.
Address Bodice 41, 031 01 Liptovský Mikuláš Telephone +421(0)908/910 171 
WWW Guest house Penzion pod Vlkolincom *** Ruzomberok - Biely Potok Reserve    The gest house Penzion pod Vlkolincom is located beside a well-known mountain village of Vlkolinec (included into the UNESCO List of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage) close to the city of Ruzomberok
Address Do Uhliska 7550/3, 034 03 Ružomberok - Biely Potok Telephone +421 44 4320940 , 
WWW ARW STUDIO Ruzomberok Reserve    Ubytovanie v poschodových štúdiách v Ružomberku. Štúdio pozostáva: denný priestor s kuchyňou, vstup, kúpelňa, spálňa pre 4 os. v podkroví. Na vyžiadanie - prístelok pre piatu osobu a detskú postielku. Poskytujeme starostlivosť o dieťa.
Address Kalvárska 11, 03401 Ružomberok Telephone +421 905/460791 
The cottage LIPJAN in Liptovsky Jan Reserve    The cottage is situated just before the private forest by the river where your privacy is guaranteed.
Address , 032 03 Liptovský Ján Telephone +421 44/526 3260 
WWW WESTERN PENZION * Ruzomberok- Cernova Reserve       WESTERN BOARDING HOUSE is situated in Area RANCH area in Ružomberok, local part Černová. In the boarding house 14 rooms with 34 beds are available for the visitors. Moreover, 16 additional beds can be provided.
Address Ul. Pri Váhu 69/151, 034 06 Ružomberok- Černová Telephone Tel+421 44/433 2827, Mobil+421 905/551 683 
WWW Music hotel BONIFAC, Liptovsky Mikulas Reserve     We offer accomodation in historical centre of the city Liptovsky Mikulas
Address Bellova 696/2, 031 01 Liptovský Mikuláš Telephone +421 905 30 30 30 
WWW Aquapark Tatralandia Liptovsky Mikulas Reserve     Aquapark Tatralandia - the biggest all-year-round resort of water fun with accommodation in Slovakia, the Czech republic and Poland.
Address Ráztocká 21, 031 05 Liptovský Mikuláš Telephone +421 44/547 7811, fax: +421 44/547 7810 
Cottage URBAR Rackav valey (Pribylina) Reserve     We offer a nice accommodation in the West Tatras , 3 km from the village of Pribylina in a late foresters house near the Rackova valey.
Address 1439, 032 42 Pribylina Telephone +421 903/407 652, +421 908/239 194 
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