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The Dobsinska ice cave
Address 049 71 Dobšinská Ľadová Jaskyňa
Telephone +421(0)58/788 1470

    Situated in the  Slovak Paradise, in the  National Nature Reserve Stratena within the territory of the Slovak Paradise National Park. It was formed in the Middle Triassic limestones by the former ponor stream of Hnilec river, at three developmental levels. The cave length is 1,232 m. Ice filling occurs in the form of ground ice, ice "waterfalls", ice stalagmites and columns.
The total volume of ice is 110,132 cubic meters with maximum thickness of  26.5 m. It ranks among the most important ice caves in the world, thanks to its character of glaciation. This is, in the European scope, even more pronounced by its location outside the Alpine region. The cave is one of the most important winter refuges of bats - Myotis mystacinus and Myotis brandti in Slovakia.
The opening to the cave was known since the time immemorial. The cave was discovered in 1870, and open to the public as early as in 1871. Since 1887, it has been the first cave with electric illumination in that-time Hungary. Currently, 475 m of the cave are open to the public.

Možnosti ubytovania
Hotel PRIEHRADA Dedinky Reserve     Hotel capacity is 44 beds.
Address Dedinky 107, Dedinky 107 Telephone +421 58/7981 212 
WWW Old Hunting Cabin (Stara horaren) Dobsina Reserve    Welcome to Old Hunting Cabin - a tranquil retreat snuggled comfortably in the mountain range of Slovak Paradise.
Address Lanyiho Huta, 09425 Dobšiná Telephone +421 905 486 162 
WWW Hotel MLYNKY *** Mlynky - Biele Vody Reserve   Hotel Mlynky*** nájdete v južnej časti Slovenského raja v obci Mlynky. Atraktívna lokalita a jej klimatické podmienky vytvárajú vynikajúce predpoklady na využívanie zariadenia v zimnom i letnom období
Address Hotel Mlynky, Mlynky-Biele Vody 252, 05201 Mlynky, okr.Spisska Nova Ves Telephone +421 915/893 851 
Private accommodation BARBORA Vernar Reserve     We provide an accommodation at the family house situated at mounteside s village Vernar (15 km southwards town Poprad - Slovakia ).
Address Suchá 130, 05917 Vernár Telephone +421 905/542 658, +421 907/146 742 
WWW Boarding-house MURAN (Revuca) Reserve       Pension in village Muráň in beautiful nature of the National part of Muránska planina (plateau) offers year-round accommodation in its facilities in double- and triple-bedrooms - altogether 22 places + 3 extra beds.
Address Muráň ,  Telephone +421 903 591962, +421 903 605 773 
Recreational facility LUCANSKE Predna Hora (Muran)    We offer excellent conditions for all sorts hiking tourism and cyclo-tourism coupled with return to Middle Ages in visiting the medieval Muran castle erected as one of the highest elevated in Central Europe.
Address Predná Hora,  Telephone +421 907/098 000, (in Germany and English language) 
WWW Under GUGEL Mlynky (Slovak Paradiso) Reserve        Lodging House Lodging under Gugel is located in the southern part of Slovak Paradise, village Mlynky under slopes of Kruhova, 300 m from the railway station.
Address Mlynky - Prostredný Hámor č. 362,389, 053 76 Mlynky Telephone +421 903/016 865, +421 903/619 194 
Private Accomodation - Jamnik (Spisska Nova Ves) Reserve     We offer you accommodation in a family house with its own entrance from the yard.
Address Jamník 142, 053 22 Jamník Telephone +421 53/4492 295, +421 905/849 835 (English, German, Russian), +421 905/351 220 
Chalupa DANKA Štítnik Reserve   Ubytovanie v dvoch samostatných apartmánoch s kuchynskými kútmi a vlastnými sociálnymi zariadeniami na poschodí. Na prízemí k dispozícii letná kuchyňa so sociálnym zariadením
Address Ochtinská 444, 049 32 Štítnik Telephone 0908 041281 
WWW Ski privát Rejdová Reserve   Kategória ubytovania - ubytovanie na súkromí - 1x 4 posteľová izba s WC a sprchou , 1x2 posteľová izba s WC a sprchou a centrálnym aj lokálnym vykurovaním.
Address , Rejdová Telephone +421 58/7883 460 
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