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The Dead Bats Cave (Tale)
Address Bystrá
Telephone +421(0)48/617 0070, 0905/135 535

The Dead Bats Cave is situated in the centre of Slovakia in the central part of the Low Tatra ridge, in high-mountain karst of Dumbier (1 750 m a.s.l.). The relatively small, deep wrinkled limestone massif of Kozie chrbty with the length 2 km an breadth only 300 m has in its interior a lot of corridors in 147 floors, known till now and in two parallel branches. The largest underground space - the Bystrica cathedral - is situated on the 7th floor, - 180 m deeper, men achieves up to 52.500 m3.
Occurrence of volcanic rocks wrinkled into karts layer group is counted among the unique curiosities of the unique curiosities of the caves. They appear in the cave corridors at more places where they attract themselves with brown-red or green colour. The volcanic rock contains agate lentils of pink-white hue.
Discoveries of bat little bones found almost every everywhere are another curiosity. The cave got its name according to them too. Their age is estimated up to 6000 years. In the border cave parts the frame rest of martens, bears and even goats are found.
The average cave temperatures + 3,5 °C, however some frozen parts achieve the years average only +1  °C. The air flow achieves thank the system openness up to 5 m/s.
The cave is attainable from the southern part from Bystra village by car or by bus from Brezno or Podbrezová up to Trangoska or Srdiecko. From Trangoska it is about one hour via mountain - path up to the chalet under Dumbier (1 750 m a.s.l.). Another route goes from Srdiecko by cable railway to the intermediate station Kosodrevina or up to the top station Chopok (2 024 m a.s.l.). From there the touristic path goes again to the M.R.Stefanik chalet under Dumbier. The game possibility to get there is from Liptov, too i.e. on foot Liptovsky Jan or from Jasna again by cable railway up to Chopok and from there to the chalet.
Visit the Death Bats Cave and become cave explorers for a moment. Equipped with speleologic dress and with a helmet with miner's lamp you have an unique opportunity to look into mysterious underworld of the Low Tatra, in a dark moist and cold world with curative effect on respiratory tracts you will get over to the past, nearly twenty million years back, in this, maybe, oldest cave of Slovakia. Use this opportunity at your visit of the Low Tatra, Liptov of Horehronie.

Možnosti ubytovania
WWW Hotel PARTIZAN **** Tale, Low Tatras Reserve   Hotel Partizán**** ponúka ubytovacie, stravovacie, kongresové a wellness služby v Nízkych Tatrách na Táloch-ubytovanie v 97 izbách, stravovanie v Tálskej Bašte, zábava v Limbuse s bowlingom, Nature Wellness Center, 11 salónov
Address Bystrá 108 - Tále, 977 65 Brezno Telephone +421 48/6308 800 a +421 48/6308 823 
Hotel BIOTIKA * Krpačovo Reserve     Welcome to one of the nicest regions at the south part of the Low Tatras - the village of Krpacovo (altit. 867 m) a part of which the hotel Biotika is.
Address Krpáčovo,  Telephone +421 48-6170 053, +421 48-6170 054 
Penzión JAKUB Závadka nad Hronom Reserve     Penzión JAKUB poskytuje ubytovanie ako pri aktívnom tak aj pri pasívnom odpočinku. Je to prerobený rodinný dom na kraji dediny s veľkým trávnatým dvorom z jednej strany susediacim s poliami.
Address Závadka nad Hronom,  Telephone +421(0)48/6187497 , +421(0)0905109596 
WWW Pension MARINA Brezno Reserve     You can choose from two attic suites - four bed and two bed ones with the possibility of extra bed in the smaller suite. Both suites have got kitchenette with fridge and cooker, toilets and shower.
Address Rázusova 1, 977 01 Brezno Telephone +421 48/6113 713, tel/ fax +421 48/6114 072 
WWW Hotel POLIANKA Krpacovo Reserve       Hotel consists of two floors. On the ground floor there are reconstructed rooms, on the first one standard cell-rooms. In a cell-room one may find two double-bedded rooms. Each cell-room has WC and shower corner in it
Address Krpáčovo, 976 98 Lopej Telephone +421(0)48/617 0059, fax: 619 5722 
WWW Chata DIAMIR Nizna Boca Reserve       The cottage complex is situated in the north of Slovakia in the heart of Nízke Tatry near the village Nižná Boca. The complex consists of one central cottage with five rooms and five associate log cabins. It is very suitable for spending family vacation
Address Nižná Boca 136, 032 34 Malužiná Telephone +421905323226 
WWW Hotel STUPKA *** Tale Reserve      Accommodation: single, double and four bedded-rooms, including accessory equipment, colour TV, satellite TV programmes available, telephone, apartments.
Address , Tále Telephone +421 48 6712 601 
WWW Pension MARIA Bodice***Family Resosort Reserve     Since 2002, the family Mackovci doing everything possible to make the most beautiful vacation. The experience we gained before working in Austria and Switzerland, where we understand what people need on holiday.
Address Bodice 41, 031 01 Liptovský Mikuláš Telephone +421(0)908/910 171 
WWW Apartment house ZINKA Myto pod Dumbierom Reserve     Apartment house Zinka is situated on south side of Low Tatras in the village Mýto pod Ďumbierom. Low Tatras is well–known mountaine range in the middle of Slovakia.
Address Mýto pod Ďumbierom 263, 97644 Mýto pod Ďumbierom Telephone +421 905607257 
WWW Guest house ADIKA Myto pod Dumbierom Reserve     The main inspiration for our architects who built and furnished each of our rooms was pure nature, simplicity, and homeliness.
Address č.174, 976 44 Mýto pod Ďumbierom Telephone +421 48/6195 300, +421903 231792 
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