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Ski centre - JASNA     
Address Demänovská dolina
Telephone +421 44/5591 888
Snow: 0 cm  Temperature: °C  Conditions:  

Well-equipped and less luxurious hotels and dining rooms hotels make out of Demanovska dolina an international known ski centre fitting modern requirements. One of the biggest and most popular centres of winter sports is situated 15 km away from Liptovsky Mikulas and 60 km from an airport in Poprad.
It lays in the upper part of Demanovska dolina.
It's a part of National park Low Tatras, on the northern slopes of Chopok and Deresov in the heights 950 to 2024 m. Here are excellent terrains for skiing and many different difficult ski-running tracks, a cabin funicular, seat elevators, and ski tows.
Ski alpinists have many possibilities here too. In this centre a world championship in junior skiing, a World winter universiade, and many world and Europe FTS cup competitions took place. This centre was a candidate for the XX. WOG (Winter Olympic Games) 2006 in skiing disciplines.
The skiing season is from December 15-th to April 30-th 

Technical specifications:
- The capacity of the cabin funicular: 1200 persons in an hour
- The capacity of 5 seat funiculars (elevators): 8400 persons in a hour
- The capacity of 11 ski tows: 6700 persons an hour
- 14 ski-tracks with a total length of 42200 m
- Besides the 14 ski tracks one 5 km for beginners a 10 km recreational and a 15 km long ski-running-track
- The average length of the ski season is 120 days
Possibility of skiing
Lyžiarske stredisko Jasná ponúka 57 km lyžiarskych trás v rozpätí od 950 do 2024 m n.m. Lyžiarom k dispozícii je 7 sedačkových výťahov. 1 kabínová lanovka a 14 vlekov s celkovou kapacitou 14 730 osôb za hodinu.
NameTypeLength Elevation differenceCapacity
Otupné-Zrkadlovlek634 m156 m830 pph
Otupné-Lukováštvorsedačka1721 m514 m1200 pph
Otupné-Brhliskákabínková lanovka1602 m282 m1200 pph
Brhliská-Dereševlek1100 m200 m900 pph
Otupné-detský vlekvlek100 m20 m250 pph
Otupnévlek400 m70 m500 pph
Brhliskávlek285 m28 m400 pph

Possibility of accommodation
WWW Aquapark Tatralandia Liptovsky Mikulas Reserve     Aquapark Tatralandia - the biggest all-year-round resort of water fun with accommodation in Slovakia, the Czech republic and Poland.
Address Ráztocká 21, 031 05 Liptovský Mikuláš Telephone +421 44/547 7811, fax: +421 44/547 7810 
WWW Chata JAKUB Demänovská Dolina Reserve    2 apartmány, každý pre 4 osoby so SWC a kuchynským kútom a 2 dvojlôžkové izby so SWC a kuchynským kútom.
Address , 031 01 Demänovská Dolina Telephone +421 905/389 510, +421 905/768 377, 
WWW Pension MARIA Bodice***Family Resosort Reserve     Since 2002, the family Mackovci doing everything possible to make the most beautiful vacation. The experience we gained before working in Austria and Switzerland, where we understand what people need on holiday.
Address Bodice 41, 031 01 Liptovský Mikuláš Telephone +421(0)908/910 171 
WWW Apartments Jasna - Demanovska dolina, Low Tatra Mts. Reserve     Apartments for 2-8 persons located directly in tourist and ski resort Jasna - Low Tatra Mt.
Address Jasná / Biela Púť, 03251 Demänovská Dolina Telephone +421 903634064 
Privat Relax Demanova Reserve     We offer comfortable accommodation in 2, 3, and 4 bed rooms with bathrooms, in 6 brand new stylish apartments or in one studio.
Address Obchodna 299, 03101 Liptovsky Mikulas Telephone 00421 44/ 55 49 487 
Drevenica Lehota - Pavčina Lehota Reserve    Samostatný objekt v ktorom sa nachádzajú 3 izby každá má svoje soc.zar,kompletne zar. kuchyňa
Address Pavčina Lehota 104, 031 01 Liptovský Mikuláš Telephone +421 908383456, +421 905420361 
WWW PRIVAT EVA - LIPTOV - TATRY Liptovsky Mikuláš Reserve    PRIVAT EVA - Celoročné ubytovanie v Liptovskom Mikuláši. VOĽNÉ UBYTOVANIE!!! JASNÁ - CHOPOK 13 KM, AQUAPARK-TATRALANDIA 38°C - 2 KM , WiFI,
Address Pod Dielom 40, 031 05 Liptovský Mikuláš Telephone +421 903 275 187, 00421 903 275 187 
Benická Eva - Pavčina Lehota Reserve   Ponuka ubytovania .
Address Pavčina Lehota 107,  Telephone 044/544 8157 
WWW Chata KOLIESKO Jasná Reserve   Chata momentálne ponúka 9 dvojlôžkových izieb z toho 3 izby s možnosťou detskej prístelky a jeden apartmán.
Address Jasná, Demänovská Dolina Telephone +421 917 434 814 , +421 44 562 4150 
Chata LÚČKY Demänovská Dolina Reserve   Ponuka ubytovania .
Address Demänovská Dolina 34,  Telephone 044/559 1683 
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