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Ski centre - Jasenska valley     
Address Belá - Dulice 385, 038 11 Belá - Dulice
Telephone + 421/43/429 77 17

JASENSKÁ DOLINA is one of the best known valleys in the Veľká Fatra Mountain range. It lies 12 km to the south-east of Martin, next to the village Belá-Dulice. It is well-known and frequented by visitors all the year round. Recently the ski fans appreciate mainly the ski center of KAŠOVÁ. The center lies in the lower part of the Jasenská dolina valley (2,5 km from the village Belá-Dulice). It is comfortably accessible by the continuously maintained road, leading from Belá-Dulice. The access from the village Turčianske Jaseno is a bit arduous. Close to the lifts there is a spacious parking lot for cars and buses.

The northern slopes in KAŠOVÁ are treated, visited by beginners as well as advanced skiers. The main advantage of this ski center is the system of snowmaking (several LATEMAR snow guns). There are various types of ski lifts in the center (3 ski lifts - up to 200 m, 3 ski lifts - over 200 m), which - altogether (excluding the chairlift) - transport 2600 pph. Since the chairlift was launched in 1998, the transport capacity has been increased up to 5000 pph. The 4-seat chairlift ENTERPRISE has considerably reduced the waiting period of skiers: its slope length is 647 m, rise 140 m and transport time 5,4 min. All the precinct is lit.  In Jasenská dolina there are excellent conditions for cross-country skiing and hiking. There are 3 cross-country pistes of the total length of 7 km in this ski center, 3 km of them are marked pistes. The point of departure is Kašová. Depending on climatic conditions the ski season lasts from December 15 up to March 31. The collective transport is ensured by the transport company SAD all the year round: on weekdays, in the winter season: everyday (according to the conditions).

The ski resort LEHOTA lies in the middle part of the Jasenská dolina valley (1 km to the east of the resort KAŠOVÁ). Its terrains are frequented mainly by advanced skiers. The slopes are treated but dependent on the snow conditions. The ski lift has the slope length of 700 m and the rise of 170 m. Its transport capacity is 700 pph. There is a parking lot immediately close to the lift.

Possibility of skiing
ski lift S1 (D)TATRAPOMA S150 m20 m300 p./h.
ski lift S2 (E)TATRAPOMA S190 m30 m350 p./h.
ski lift S3 (F)TATRAPOMA S130 m15 m350 p./h.
ski lift ATATRAPOMA H-80440 m100 m900 p./h.
ski lift BTATRAPOMA F10400 m80 m600 p./h.
ski lift CTATRAPOMA F10420 m80 m500 p./h.
funicularGSF4 ENTERPRISE647 m140 m2400 p./h.
ski lift HTATRAPOMA H-80700 m170 m700 p./h.

Possibility of accommodation
WWW Slovak Thermal Health Spa TurcianskeTeplice Reserve      Turcianske Teplice has the only spa in Slovakia that treats kidney and urinary ailments. The spa is also famous and successful at treating locomotive disorders for both adults and children.
Address SNP 519, 039 12 Turčianske Teplice Telephone +421 43/4913 000 
WWW Boarding-house ALENA Bojnice Reserve      Four apartments, all the year long, 50m below castle and four minutes from centre.
Address Cintorínska 10, 972 01 Bojnice Telephone fax: +421 (0)46 - 519 23 01, +421 905 247 299 
WWW Hotel VYŠEHRAD Turčianske Teplice Reserve     Is situated in Turčianske Teplice directly in the spa zone of the world known spa on the route Martin - Banská Bystrica - Kremnica.
Address ul. Kollárová č. 601, 039 01 Turčianske Teplice Telephone +421 43/492 2828 , +421 43 4922 583, +421 903 421140, +421 905 885 555 
Penzión GADER Blatnica Reserve     Penzión poskytuje apartmán 2 + 2 so sociálnym zariadením a kompletne vybavenou kuchyňou (2 izby 2 + 2 so spoločným sociálnym zariadením, chladničkou). Blatnica - dovolenka v najkrajších dolinách Národného parku Veľká Fatra.
Address 038 15 Blatnica 59,  Telephone +421 43/4948 176, +421 905/317 956 
WWW The hutted camp GADER (Blatnica) Reserve     Accommodation in the 4-5-bed huts with bathroom in the precinct .
Address Blatnica 377,  Telephone +421 43/4948 194 
WWW Lodging in house – Privát Martin Reserve    The house is situated in a quiet part of Martin.
Address Clementisova 5, 036 01 Martin Telephone +421(0)905/347 085, +421(0)905/252 218 
WWW Chata Havranovo - Belianska dolina Reserve   Naša zariadenie je svojou polohou a kapacitou ideálne na detské tábory,školy v prírode a podobné aktivity hlavne pre mládež, turistické zrazy a pod.
Address V. Deváty Š. Furdeka 22/15, 036 01 Martin Telephone +421 905/792 671, chata: +421 901/831 342 
WWW Rekreačné zariadenie - Penzión Drienok*, chatová osada, kemp - Mošovce Reserve   Ubytovanie, reštaurácia, kúpalisko, športoviská
Address Mošovce, 038 21 Telephone +421 43 4944 172 , +421 905 442 831 
WWW Hotel LUNA *** Martin - Priekopa Reserve     Allow me to introduce Hotel LUNA, modern urban hotel, which offers comfortable accommodation, top quality service and a number of additional amenities. The hotel is situated in the suburban area of Priekopa, directly a
Address A.Medňanského 18, Martin Telephone +421- 0650 405 185, +421- 43/4306 824, fax+421 43/4306 824 
WWW Hotel GADER ** Blatnica Reserve     Offers for visitors accommodation in 2 and 3 bed rooms, eventually in apartments with bathroom, WC, TV and telephone.
Address Blatnica, 038 15 Telephone +421 918 810474 
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