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Hotel STEFANIK Myjava
Hotel STEFANIK Myjava
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Ski centre - Vratna dolina     
Address 01306 Terchová
Telephone +421 41/5695 643, +0421 903 266 231
Snow: 60 cm  Temperature: 0°C  Conditions:  

Enjoy winter with us.

Winter holidays at the northern edge of the Mala Fatra mountains is a guarantee of an unforgettable experience. The environs of the villages Terchova, Zazriva and Bela offer 26 km of downhill tracks for beginners as well as for advanced skiers and 25 km of cross-country trails. There are 29 lifts with an hourly capacity of 15,858 persons to bring you on the top of the hills, 4 ski lending facilities and 5 ski schools with qualified instructors.
The countryside is a sample of folk traditions represented by typical submountaineous Slovak architecture of wooden houses and farmer horse festival. Dog sled racing on the other hand brings dynamism of a modern world to the winter fairy-tale. The winter season lasts here only from November to May. Just don't wait long to miss it.

Possibility of skiing
Číslo vlekuČíslo trateDruh a názov dopravného zariadeniaKapacitaŠikmá dĺžkaPrevýšenieVrcholová stanica
osôb/h[m][m][m n.m]
A1 2 4 6LD VRÁTNA - CHLEB dvojsedačka typ ROLL24018457541500
B7 LD PASEKY 4-sedačka Doppelmayr 4-CLF s nástupným pásom203414003951000
C7 LV PASEKY - dvojrýchlostný pre začiatočníkov300-60024055800
D7 LV PASEKY H-1308001000200860
E14 LV PRÍSLOP - Doppelmayr1140820267900
F13 LV TIZINKA - TATRAPOMA - H 6085041085700
I12 LV POLUDŇOVÝ GRÚŇ – dvojrýchlostný pre začiatočníkov300-6003001501100
J8 LV POLUDŇOVÝ GRÚŇ I. – TATRAPOMA H-1308007062561260
PREPOJOVACÍ VLEK Poludňový grúň - Paseky30012050
M3 LV CHLEB - SEVER (Oštiepková mulda) – TRANSPORTA - kotva4506312641550
N3 LV CHLEB - SEVER - P – dvojrýchlostný pre začiatočníkov300-600300901500
NSN Poludňový Grúň - Paseky – lanový vlek prepojovací300100501000

Possibility of accommodation
WWW Penzión LUKA Terchová Reserve     Ponuka kvalitného ubytovania v apartmánoch a štúdiách v príjemnom prostredí Malej Fatry.
Address Sv. Martina č.283, 013 06 Terchová Telephone +421 907/317 180 
WWW Hotel GOLD *** Terchova ( Vratna valley ) Reserve     The New hotel Gold *** provides accommodation in luxury bedrooms and also in comfortable apartments which satisfy the most picky guests.
Address Vratňanská cesta 287, Terchová Telephone +421 41/5993 109, fax +421 41/5695 630 
WWW Chalet VYHNANA in Vyhnana - Vratna Dolina Reserve      All the year round accomodation services with capacity of about 45-50 beds in double - and three - bedded rooms with toilets and half board are provided.
Address Vrátna dolina-Štefanová 518, 013 06 Terchová Telephone tel.+421(0)41/5695 343, tel/fax +421(0)41/5695 124, +421(0)903/566 136 
WWW Hotel BOBOTY *** a chata VRÁTNA** Terchová Reserve   Ubytovacia kapacita hotela je 139 pevných lôžok a 43 prísteliek. Ubytovacia kapacita chaty je 50 miest a v turistickej časti 44 miest.
Address Vrátna dolina, 01306 Terchová Telephone +421/41/569 5228,fax +421/41/569 5737 
Privat BALAT Stefanova - Terchova Reserve     We offer accommodation in rooms with 2. 3 and 4 beds. Total capacity is 20 beds plus 5 extra beds.
Address Štefanová 526, Terchová Telephone +421 41/569 5166 
Pension pod SKALNYM MESTOM Stefanova (Terchova) Reserve      Accommodation for 35 people in single rooms, double rooms and three bed - rooms and in 3 apartments gives you, what you expect for your comfort and stay. Pleasant restaurant ambience for 32 people makes pleasant atmosphere and specialities of our kitchen
Address Štefanová 523 , 013 06 Terchová Telephone + 421 905 651 282 
Privat Stefanova - Terchova(Vratna valley) Reserve    We offer high duality accommodation with family-type atmosphere in 2,3 and 4-bed rooms.
Address Štefanová č.1289, Terchová Telephone +421 903/844 118 
WWW Hotel Gavurky *** Terchova Reserve     Gavurky Hotel *** located in the birthplace of Juraj Janosik offers comfortable accommodation, excellent cuisine and fresh smiled staff willing to fulfill all your wishes
Address Sv. Martina 140, 01306 Terchová Telephone 041/5003502, 041/5003504 
WWW Penzion LACEK Terchová - Mala Fatra Reserve    Penzion Lacek leží v malebnom prostredí Malej Fatri , priamo v centre Terchová . Pozívame vás prite nas pozriet, a odneste si pekny zážitok .
Address Školská, 01306 Telephone 00421 904536111, 00421 041 5976114 
Chata na Grúni Terchová Reserve   Ponuka ubytovania .
Address Terchová, Vrátna Dolina Telephone 041/569 5324 
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