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Water-mill Kolarovo

History of miller work

   The oldest grain handy grinders came from 13th century A.D. step by step they alternating to cylindrical grinding, it first convertible, later continuous .In Middle Ages were wndy mills through entire Europe a they were parts of ilmost every home. Initial handy drives small millstones vere driven by animals in Antics, later by natural mwer/ water {in 2.nd century B.C.} and air {in China n 7th century B.C.} In Antics there was usually mills {rove by horses, in Pompey there is well-preserved whole ~ange these mills as apart of bakery. On our territory they occurs generally. In 15th century there are 1434 mills drove by horses only in Bratislava. Windmills were generous mainly around Bratislava andNitra. Water mills are mentioned in 12th century Byzantine initial and expanded mainly in 17th century- the oldest display of it is Bratislava engraving from 1595. The biggest meridian these mills became in 19th century and on start of 20th century, mainly on our two biggest rivers- Dunaj and Vah. There were settlements of these watermills -shipboard mills. Despite the fact, that shipboard mills bordered Dunaj waterside, they must give ground to new mode on this great river, which mainly in second half of 20th century altered to frequent thoroughfare and request to observe strict safety regulations.

Shipboard mill from Kolarovo
   The last floating mill was ride to Slovak village museum's storage in Martin in 1965. Administration of relics in Komarno in 1980 initialised the main idea to build up at least one floating mill as an exhibit for educational and museum function. They work out a project, to make it suitable for new surroundings on LJttle Danube rim, based on steel floater.

Shipboard technology
   There are three basic parts: water power collector- m wheel, transmission- to change a direction and speed rotation and the mill machine, which is generating by h, mill stones. Ground grain is transported to meal hutch, than to t bag. Mill machine's correct work, that means millston rotating move, depended on correct rate of sprocki number on big and small wheel (down picture). Eve mill built miller by himself, so he must to know all de nicety of technology. That's why we can treat them forerunners today's technical intelligence.

Natural area - Shipboard Water mill, is situated in Koldrovo town, on southwest part of "Rye island" which is surrounded by two rivers- Little Danube and Vah and by dead sector of Little Danube. It was build as part of culture monument - Shipboard mill, on area which faun and flora is typical for meadow forests. Unthinkable part of this area is "Peace castle" or his ruin. The next notability is wooden bridge with wooden roofing. Its length -86m- rank it to longest wooden bridges in Europe. Genuine life in this area is mold by peacocks breeding here free. Area's genesis was motivate by members of Society of Protectors, to create a place to show country architecture, for children education, summer camps, and country tourists in our town. Water mill museum is open daily from 10 am to 7 pm in summer season, it means from May to September. There is good camping site and a lot of community undertaking.

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