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National park HIGH TATRAS

Welcome to the Tatras National Park, 

the oldest national park in Slovakia. It was founded in 1949 and covers a 741-square-kilometer area of the Slovak part of the West and High Tatras, also including the entire Belianske Tatras.

The boundaries of the Tatras National Park (TANAP), clearly marked on all approach routes, are: the Slovak-Polish border to the north, the Zdiar-Tatranska Kotlina road to the east, a line approximating the forest line to the south, and to the west through the valley Sucha dolina to Biela skala, towards Oravice and through the valley Ticha dolina up to the Polish border.

TANAP s charge is to preserve the original condition of the natural environment through comprehensive protection and guidance for the mountains usage for recreation, therapy and sport.
Welcome to the High Tatras - Vysoke Tatry, an area whose natural beauty makes it one of the most remarkable recreation areas not only in Slovakia but in all of Europe. Among other things, the High Tatras offer exceptionally clean air and a unique climate, leaving every visitor feeling better, especially those who take advantage of the many health spa treatments available.
Hiking paths, ranging from gentle to highly demanding, wind among spectacular peaks and rock walls.

Central places for traveling :
Podbanské, Strbske Pleso Vysne Hagy Nova Polianka Tatranska Polianka Tatranske Zruby Novy Smokovec Stary Smokovec Horny Smokovec Dolny Smokovec Tatranska Lesna Tatranska Lomnica Tatranske Matliare Kezmarske Zlaby Tatranska Kotlina

Here we will note eight of the best-known of these facilities. Each has its own unique seal, which travellers can imprint as a souvenier of their ascent.

Sliezsky dom -Mountain hotel 'Silesian House - 1670 m a.s.l.
Chata pri Zelenom plese - Chalet by 'Green Tarn' - 1551 m a.s.l.
Zamkovskeho chata - Zamkovsky Chalet - 1475 m a.s.l.
Chata pod Rysmi - Chalet under Lynx Peak - 2250 m a.s.l.
Zbojnicka chata - Robbers Chalet - 1960 m a.s.l.
Teryho chata - Tery Chalet - 2015 m a.s.l.
Bilikova chata - Bilik Chalet - 1255 m a.s.l.
Chata pri Popradskom plese - Mountain hotel by Popradske tarn - 1500 m a.s.l.

TANAP s administration, the state forestry offices, the Tatras botanical exhibition, research institute and TANAP museum are located in Tatranska Lomnica. The Tatras Mountain Rescue Service, a branch of the state forestry administration, is based in Stary Smokovec.

Hiking in the High Tatra mountains, once an activity of high adventurers alone, is now a sport enjoyed by all who love the outdoors.

This is in part thanks to the long history of distinguished service offered by the High Tatras mountain hotels (offering complete hotel services year round) and chalets (which provide more rustic lodging services for hikers, in most cases year round).

Possibility of accommodation
WWW Hotel SMREK** Liptovsky Hradok Reserve    Hotel Smrek is situated in the centre of the town Liptovský Hrádok and offers you an accommodation in rooms of standard quality divided in hotel and tourist part. The hotel with capacity of 85.
Address SNP 172, 033 01 Liptovský Hrádok Telephone +421/44/5222 572 
Chata KAMILA Žiarska dolina Reserve   Má tri izby s dvomi - pevnými lôžkami a možnosťou prísteliek, 2 kúpeľne so sprchovým kútom, umývadlom a WC, kuchyňu s kompletným zariadením a obývaciu halu s krbom a TV.
Address Žiarska dolina, 032 Smrečany Telephone +421 44/559 5227 aj fax , +421 905/715 924 
WWW Pension KAMZIK Zdiar Reserve      Our boarding house offers double-, three-, and four-bed rooms. Every room has its own social equipment. The capacity of the boarding house is 45 person. The guest can order a full- or a half- board, which is served in a nice, wooden restaurant.
Address Ždiar 428, 059 55 Telephone Tel/fax+421(0)52/449 8226, +421(0)907 197 249 
WWW Campsite RACKOVA DOLINA (Pribylina) Reserve    Offers accommodation, camping and caravanning
Address Račkova dolina, Pribylina Telephone +421 44/5293 235, 0908 906 726 
WWW Autocamping VAVRISOVO (Liptovsky Hradok) Reserve    This autocamping belongs to municipality Vavrisovo. It is divided into two parts: cottages and tent camp.
Address Vavrišovo, 03242 Telephone +421 44/527 1073-obecný úrad, +42 +421 910/139836, ATC-recepcia +421 910 225 397- ATC recepcia 
WWW Pension** UNA Liptovský Ján Reserve     The Pension with capacity 33-bed capacity and excellent cullinary offers to its visitors conference room with 40 persons capacity and for entertainment stylish vine-cellar and outdoor sitting around fire-place.
Address Starojánska 25, 032 03 Liptovský Ján Telephone +421 44/5263 329 
WWW Vila HELENA Liptovsky Ján Reserve     Vila Helena provides all-year-round accommodation, breakfast or dinner in a pleasant family environment.
Address Nová 333, 032 03 Liptovský Ján Telephone +421 903/382 413, +421 44/5263 303 
WWW Autocamp and thermal spring swimming-pool Vrbov (Kezmarok) Reserve     The area is situated close to Tatranska Lomnica. and Kezmarok. 7 pools with extra healing water for locomotive organs, rheumatism, kidney, heart, vascular and asthmatic diseases. Open all year.
Address Vrbov 299 , 059 72 Vrbov Telephone 00421 52 426 12 33, 00421 52 426 12 44 
WWW Boarding house HORAL Stola (High Tatras) Reserve     The pension HORAL with the capacity of 15 beds provides its services in double and 3-bed rooms. All facilities and services represent high standard.
Address Štôla 54,  Telephone Tel/fax +421/52/7754 788, (0)52/7754 055, (0)905/650 409 
WWW Apartmánový dom Liptovský Hrádok Reserve   Apartmánový dom, v ktorom sa nachádzajú 4 samostatné apartmány s plne vybavenou kuchynkou a kúpelňou s WC. Apartmány sú 2-6 miestne. Súčasťou objektu je uzamykateľné parkovisko.
Address Hviezdoslavova 1, 033 01 Liptovský Hrádok Telephone +421 44/5221 721 
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