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This gorgeous region, which quite deservedly has been recognised and protected as a national park, is indeed a paradise for visitors. There can be few other places where it is possible to encounter within such a small area such an enchantigly varied landscape - meadows, chasms, canyons, gorges, plateaux, caves and waterfalls. Slovak Paradise is an area of exceptional natural beauty, and of rare flora and fauna. Its elevation is not particulary high (500 - 1,700 m) but negotiating the ravines along the walking trails is relatively demanding -- and a very popular tourist activity.

Among the most beautiful of the ravines are Kysel, Sokolia dolina, Velky and Maly Sokol, Piecka and Sucha Bela. One place not to be missed is a section of the River Hornad where it produced a canyon known as Prielom Hornadu. The fierce current of the Hornad is impeded by rock faces falling directly into the river itself, and negotiating this requires great skill.

Slovak Paradise is rich in caves and chasms. The most significant is the Stratena jaskyna system, which includes Stratena jaskyna itself - at 18,5 km, the longest cave in Slovakia - the Psie diery cave and the Dobsinska Ice Cave.

Slovak Paradise includes 177 caves and chasms, 16 state reserves and numerous other unique natural attractions.

Possibility of accommodation
WWW Hotel MLYNKY *** Mlynky - Biele Vody Reserve   Hotel Mlynky*** nájdete v južnej časti Slovenského raja v obci Mlynky. Atraktívna lokalita a jej klimatické podmienky vytvárajú vynikajúce predpoklady na využívanie zariadenia v zimnom i letnom období
Address Hotel Mlynky, Mlynky-Biele Vody 252, 05201 Mlynky, okr.Spisska Nova Ves Telephone +421 915/893 851 
WWW Auto-Camp PODLESOK Reserve    It is situated in North-western part of Slovensky raj (mountain range Slovak Paradise), 2 km from village Hrabusice, 20 km from town Spisska Nova Ves and 16 km from town Poprad.
Address Hrabušice , Podlesok 573 Telephone +421 53/4299 165, +421 53/4299 163 
Private Accomodation - Jamnik (Spisska Nova Ves) Reserve     We offer you accommodation in a family house with its own entrance from the yard.
Address Jamník 142, 053 22 Jamník Telephone +421 53/4492 295, +421 905/849 835 (English, German, Russian), +421 905/351 220 
WWW Old Hunting Cabin (Stara horaren) Dobsina Reserve    Welcome to Old Hunting Cabin - a tranquil retreat snuggled comfortably in the mountain range of Slovak Paradise.
Address Lanyiho Huta, 09425 Dobšiná Telephone +421 905 486 162 
Penzión U SOKOLA Vernár (Poprad) Reserve   Rekreačno-turistické zariadenie s reštauráciou a barom. Ubytovacie stredisko s kapacitou až 50 miest, ubytovanie v dvoj až štvorposteľových izbách, možnosť výberu izby s vlastným soc. zariadením alebo bez.
Address Vernár 170, 059 17 Vernár Telephone +421 904/686 223 , 0903 449 965 
WWW Penzion ATRIUM Poprad Reserve      The Atrium offers an accomondation in doublerooms with their own bathrooms or in appartments for more demanding customers. The Atrium restaurant presents all day
Address Sobotské námestie 1779/25, Poprad 058 01 Telephone 00421 52/7769522, 00421 52/7892762 
Chalupa DANKA Štítnik Reserve   Ubytovanie v dvoch samostatných apartmánoch s kuchynskými kútmi a vlastnými sociálnymi zariadeniami na poschodí. Na prízemí k dispozícii letná kuchyňa so sociálnym zariadením
Address Ochtinská 444, 049 32 Štítnik Telephone 0908 041281 
WWW Camp site & Cottages CINGOV Durkovec Reserve      Center Cingov-Durkovec is part of the tourism centre Cingov, which is located in the northeastern part of the Slovak Paradise national park in the altitude 565 m above sea level. Public campground -capacity 200 tends with the caravan connections.
Address Sadová 8, 052 01 Spišská Nová Ves Telephone +421 53 4491105 ,+421 905 409 655, +421 908 327 243 
WWW Under GUGEL Mlynky (Slovak Paradiso) Reserve        Lodging House Lodging under Gugel is located in the southern part of Slovak Paradise, village Mlynky under slopes of Kruhova, 300 m from the railway station.
Address Mlynky - Prostredný Hámor č. 362,389, 053 76 Mlynky Telephone +421 903/016 865, +421 903/619 194 
WWW Autocamp and thermal spring swimming-pool Vrbov (Kezmarok) Reserve     The area is situated close to Tatranska Lomnica. and Kezmarok. 7 pools with extra healing water for locomotive organs, rheumatism, kidney, heart, vascular and asthmatic diseases. Open all year.
Address Vrbov 299 , 059 72 Vrbov Telephone 00421 52 426 12 33, 00421 52 426 12 44 
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