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Hotel BOBROVNIK Liptovska Sielnica
Hotel BOBROVNIK Liptovska Sielnica
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National park MALA FATRA (NAPAMF)
Address Nám. sv. Floriána 1002
      013 02 Varín
Telephone +421 41/5695 331

National park of Mala Fatra (NAPAMF) was founded on 1st April 1988. It is situated in the north-east  Slovakia. It is a part of the mountains Inner Carpathian Mountains. It has the unique karst phenomenons, large ridges, East Carpathian law protected and rare flora and animal kingdom, clean springs, etc. The length of this territory about is 30 km. The highest hill is called Velky Krivan (1709m) and the lowest area is the level of the river Vah (350m). The mountains are constitued of the granit. The rest is of limestone, dolomits, etc.
There's a lot of  other phenomenons than the caves (the cave Medvedia jaskyna, the cave Krystalova jaskyna), and also on several places we can find the seas of stones. This park has plenty of springs (for example the ones in Vratna, Belianska or in the other valleys).

The biggest waterfall is named Sutovský (38m). But there are also the other ones (Padacia or Skok).  The water leaves the park by many brooks (for example Zazrivka, Varinka, Vratnanka or Biely potok). This territory is influenced by moderate warm and cold climatic area. A great number of different species of flora is caused by the climate and soil. The flora which likes warm weather, mountain and alpine species and several endemits grow here.There are some high-mountain species and East Carpathian endemits, too. There are more deciduous trees than the evergreen ones. The beech is the mostly spread. Dwarfed pine is growing in the altitude 1400 - 1500 m. The pines grow on the hillsides of limestone and dolomits.
The animal kingdom from here is typical in the East Carpathian. There are more than 30 species of mammals, 118 species if birds and more than 900 species of insect (ther's a lot of the rare ones). There are some lizards, adders, amphibians (for example the toad). The rarest birds are eagle, eagle-owl, falcon, black stork, etc. In the forests there is bear, lynx, cat, marten, fox and rarely the wolf, too.

Possibility of accommodation
WWW Hotel EVA MARIA Horna Marikova Reserve      The hotel offers accommodation for 31 persons in double, triple or four-bed rooms. Each room has its bathroom and toilet.
Address Usudička 484, 018 03 Horná Maríková Telephone +421/42/4352 161, fax +421/42/4260827 
WWW ALEXANDRA cottage Martin ( Martinske hole) Reserve      ALEXANDRA recreation house is an ideal place for groups or families with children (8 up to 12 people) which would like spending a few very pleasant days full of peace, relax, anonymity, comfort and silent.
Address Generála Svobodu 33, Martin Telephone tel.:+421 903/539 065 , +421 915/523 240 
Pension pod SKALNYM MESTOM Stefanova (Terchova) Reserve      Accommodation for 35 people in single rooms, double rooms and three bed - rooms and in 3 apartments gives you, what you expect for your comfort and stay. Pleasant restaurant ambience for 32 people makes pleasant atmosphere and specialities of our kitchen
Address Štefanová 523 , 013 06 Terchová Telephone + 421 905 651 282 
BARBORKA cottage in Lutise (Vratna dolina-Kysuce) Reserve      The cottage BARBORKA is situated in village Lutise (Kysuce-Vratna dolina) in Northern Slovakia, it offers two rooms for two persons with possibility of expansion for 3 persons.
Address Lutiše 279, 01305 Žilina Telephone +421 41/5976 111, mob.+421 903/543 880,+421 915/282 790 
WWW Cottage UHORCIK Terchova Reserve       Chata Uhorčík sa nachádza v nádhernej prírode národného parku Malá Fatra. Súčasťou chaty je detské ihrisko, klzisko, streetbalové ihrisko, krbová miestnosť. Tešíme sa na vašu návštevu.
Address Na Bukovine 1452, 013 06 Terchová Telephone +421 905/462 076,+421 41/5625 965, 
WWW Hotel Havrania***, Zázrivá Reserve     A mountain hotel nestled within one of the most beautiful natural panoramas in Slovakia.
Address Havrania 81, Zázrivá Telephone +421 43 5896362, +421 43 5896360 
Penzión MEDEA Čadca Reserve    Ubytovanie, stravovanie. Vlastné parkovisko.
Address Palárikova 1152, Čadca Telephone +421 41 43 255 65, +421 903 807 298 
Privat Stefanova - Terchova(Vratna valley) Reserve    We offer high duality accommodation with family-type atmosphere in 2,3 and 4-bed rooms.
Address Štefanová č.1289, Terchová Telephone +421 903/844 118 
Privat BALAT Stefanova - Terchova Reserve     We offer accommodation in rooms with 2. 3 and 4 beds. Total capacity is 20 beds plus 5 extra beds.
Address Štefanová 526, Terchová Telephone +421 41/569 5166 
WWW Penzión a drevenica PRI HATI Terchová Reserve     Zrekonštruovaný dom a novovybudovaná drevenica v Terchovej okres Žilina sa nachádza v turistickej oblasti Národného parku Malá Fatra-Vrátna Dolina.Výborne možnosti pre turistiku, cykloturistiku, lyžovanie, rafting, snowboarding.
Address Jánošíkova 328, 01306 Terchová Telephone +421 41/569 5461, +421 41/599 3131, +421 903/393 339 
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