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Protected Landscape Area of Horna Orava
Address Bernolákova 408
     029 01 Námestovo

  Orava belongs to one of the most typical natural and historical region of Slovakia. The boundaries of Orava consist of huge mountains and rolling hills. The northern boundary, shared with Poland, is formed by the Beskydy mountains and in the west by the eastern parts of the Kysuce vrchovina. In the south-west is the huge Mala Fatra range, in the south the Choc mountains, in the east the Western Tatra. Only in the north - east Orava is open, and this area is part of the Orava - Novy Targ (Poland) lawlands. The town of  Dolný Kubín    is a centre of Orava region.
Orava is much sought out by tourists, vacationists and sportsmen, and particulary the Orava dam lake because of the opportunities it provides to them and to anglers. The charming dominants - Velky a Maly Rozsutec, Choc, Kubinska hola, Salatin, Pilsko and Babia hora mountains, the pleasant valleys with their rumbling brooklets, the preserved wood architecture, the living people´s customs and folklore - they all leave in Orava´s visitor unforgetable impressions.

The Orava lake has become a looked for place for relaxation, fishing and water sports as yachting, water motoring and water skiing. The Orava lake is a centre of tourisme as well, since many trips and tours can be started from here into the surrounding Oravska Magura and Slovak Beskides as well as into the more remonte Oravice and Rohace mountains.
The most ancient art - historic Orava memorial is the Orava Castle, in which there is at present located the Orava Museum. Primary references concerning the Castle date from the 1st half of the 13th century. Orava Castle has been continuously rebuilt from the 13th century to the present. The largest reconstructions were made at the end of the 15th and the first half of the 16th century. Also, the Turzo family made considerable additions to the castle from 1.556 to 1.626. In 1.800 the castle was destroyed by a great fire. It was saved, however, because of immediate repairs made to the roofs of the lower castle, and repairs to the middle and lower castle in the mid 19th century.

Possibility of accommodation
WWW Hotel TYRAPOL ** Oravska Lesna Reserve     The hotel offers comfortable and complete accommodation with well-furnished rooms of two and three beds and two apartments, conference and clubrooms. The accommodation capacity is 58 beds.
Address Oravská Lesná 293,  Telephone +421 43/559 3152, +421 43/559 3142 
WWW Hotel Havrania***, Zázrivá Reserve     A mountain hotel nestled within one of the most beautiful natural panoramas in Slovakia.
Address Havrania 81, Zázrivá Telephone +421 43 5896362, +421 43 5896360 
WWW Guest-house ** CENTRUM - Oravsky Biely Potok Reserve    It offers year around recreation possibilities with accommodation in apartments, a two-bed room and a one-bed room. All apartments and rooms are furbished with WC, bathroom, radio, TV with 14 channels.
Address Oravský Biely Potok,  Telephone +421 43/5395 575, fax +421 43/5324 853, Mobil +421 903/203334 
WWW Hotel ALTIS Oravská Priehrada Reserve    Novozrekonštruovaný hotel, zameraný na školenia
Address Oravská Priehrada 200, Tvrdošín Telephone +421 43/5832 600 
WWW Agrotourism in ORAVA – Cottage Rabcice Reserve      Do you want to spend a vacation or weekend in the countryside? Try it with us beneath the Babia Hora mountains.
Address Rabčice 419,  Telephone +421 910 594 061, +421 911 740416 
WWW  Guest-House & Bar Milotin Reserve     The house is completely renovated and offers accommodation in four double rooms , two double rooms with extra beds and three triples .
Address Hlavná 356, 027 32 ZUberec Telephone +421 904 293 555 
WWW Guest house ORAVA * Habovka Reserve     Guest house has 4 double rooms with 2 fourbed apartments and also extra bed according your needs.
Address Edmunda Petra Bárdoša č.184, 027 32 Telephone 00421 907 180 244, 00421 46 5481183, 0042146 5481182 
WWW Guesthouse FORTUNA Tvrdosin Reserve     Guest house near the centre of town Tvrdošín in the beautiful northern Orava region. It is situated in quiet surroundings by the river Orava
Address Oravské nábr. 139, 02744 Tvrdošín Telephone +421 905 225 027 
WWW Penzión Biela Farma Oravská Polhora Reserve     The Guesthouse Biela Farma is located in the northernmost part of Slovakia, 20 km from the town Námestovo in beautiful nature of Orava Beskydy.
Address Sihelné 471, 02947 Oravská Polhora Telephone 0908 862326 
WWW Wellness Guest House ROSNICKA *** Kralovany Reserve     You will find a full service accommodation, meals, spa - hot tub, sauna, fitness ...!/deal/103461
Address Kraľovany 75, 02751 Telephone 00421 43 5898149 , 00421 903 805431 
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