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Hotel ORAVA *** Srnacie
Hotel ORAVA *** Srňacie
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The Rohace are the richest group of mountains in the Western Tatras. This name covers northern part of the main ridge from the Orava side. The name is derived from 2 mountains of the main ridge, which were originally named Rohac and Placlivy Rohac. Rohac is separated into two peaks. Old hunters used to call the higher peak Rohac and the lower peak Suta. These names are methaphoric names of animals. Rohac is an animal with horns – such as an ox, and Suta is an animal without horns – such as a horse. Today, the Rohac is called Ostry Rohac (Sharp Horned Animal) and Placlivy Rohac is called Placlive (Crying).

The Rohace start on the East with Osobita (1687 meters about the sea level) and Roh (1571), which is connected with a promontory of the main ridge. The connection is created by Lucna (1652). The main ridge itself consists of Rakon (1876), Volovec (2063), Ostry Rohac (2084), Placlive (2126), Tri Kopy (2163), Banikov (2178), Pachola (2166), Spalena (2083), Salatin (2047), saddle Parichvost, Brestova (1902), Zuberec (1746), saddle Palenica, an on the west the Rohace arch is closed by Sivy Vrch (1805) and Biela Skala (1316).

The national border between Poland and Slovakia is on the ridge of Lucna and Volovec and is marked by border stones. The border was laid down after the First Czechoslovak Republic was established. The impression can be further enhanced by a random and often short meeting with a very rare Tatra endemit – the Tatra Chamonix, which is a symbol of the "horned" peaks of the Western Tatras.

Museum of Orava village - open-air museum
Only 3 km from Zuberec on the mountain meadow of Zverovka is located a unique open-air museum – Museum of Orava Village. This museum is located in the middle of mountain scenery created by peaks of Palenica, Sivy Vrch, and Brestova on the southern side, Osobitna on the East, and the massive of Mnich on the West. Studeny Potok (Cold Creek) flows through the middle.
A village was built on creek’s banks – it is an assembly of representative folk buildings from individual regions of Orava. The southwestern region of Lower Orava is represented, together with Middle and Upper Orava, as well as the northeastern Tatras-Goral region and northwestern Beskydy region.

Possibility of accommodation
WWW A - cottages Liptovsky Trnovec Reserve      Three individually placed attractive cottages with summer terraces in Liptovsky Trnovec, suitable for families with children and those who are looking for rest and comfort.
Address č. 271, 032 22 Liptovský Trnovec Telephone +421-905-500 876, 044-5598363, 044-5524144 
WWW Penzión Šiška Roháče - Zuberec Reserve    Celoročné ubytovanie v novopostavenom objekte v obci Zuberec v peknom prostredí pri lesu,potoku s výhľadom na Roháče.
Address Zuberec 135, 02732 Telephone 00421(0)43/539 5788 
WWW  Chata pri potoku Blatna - Habovka Reserve   V chate sa nachádza spoločenská miestnosť s krbom, TV, DVD a vonkajšie posedenie na terase. Priestranné parkovisko pri objekte.
Address Habovka 141,  Telephone 00421 43 5395 539 , 00421 904 292422 
Autocamping Liptovský Trnovec Reserve   Ponuka kempingového ubytovania.
Address Liptovský Trnovec,  Telephone 044/559 7300 
Badlíková Zuzana - Huty Reserve   Ponuka ubytovania .
Address Huty 68,  Telephone 044/559 4122 
Betuš Milan - Pribylina Reserve   Ponuka ubytovania .
Address Pribylina 21,  Telephone 044/529 3259 
Chata KOŽIAR Žiarska dolina Reserve   Ponuka ubytovania .
Address Žiarska dolina,  Telephone 044/5586 130 
DOM NIKOLKA Liptovský Ondrej Reserve   Ponuka ubytovania .
Address Liptovský Ondrej 159,  Telephone 044/559 5394 
Filek Martin - Zuberec Reserve   Ponuka ubytovania .
Address Zuberec 238,  Telephone 043/539 5629 
Gejdošová Iveta - Zuberec Reserve   Ponuka ubytovania .
Address Zuberec 390,  Telephone 043/539 5244 
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