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PARK HOTEL Hokovce (Dudince)
PARK HOTEL Hokovce (Dudince)
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Recreational areas (campsites) ZEMPLINSKA SIRAVA   
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Address Zemplínska Šírava,
Telephone +421(0)56/6423 555

Recreational areas (campsites) ZEMPLINSKA SIRAVA

Zemplinska Sirava - Recreational area BIELA HORA
The centre Biela hora is Michalovce´s own recreation area, just 3 km away from the town. It has an area of 120 000 m2, and there are car parks here with capacity for 300 vehicles. The terrain is gently sloping and grass-covered, with beaches of shingle. Easy refreshment is available from a series of snack bars, and there is a greengrocer´s shop and also a restaurant. There is a pedal-boat hire centre here, and a volleyball court.

Zemplinska Sirava - Recreational area HORKA

The Horka centre offers some of the best facilities in the whole recreation area. It has shingle and grassy beaches spreading over an area of 60 000 m2. The centre is sheltered from the north by the interestingly shaped hills called Velky (Large) and Maly (Small) Senderov. There is an integrated network of hotels, restaurants and refreshment bars in various styles, and car parks with a total capacity of 700 vehicles have been skilfully incorporated into the landscaping. Here, visitors will find a large shopping-centre, post-office, health centre and chemist’s, a landing-stage for boats and a pedal-boat hire centre, a sports area with tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, minigolf and a children´s play area.
Information: +421 56/6492 531 , +421 56/6492 178 , +421 56/6492 132

Zemplínska Sirava - Recreational area MEDVEDIA HORA

On the peninsula of volcanic origin situated about 9 km from the town Michalovce is the holiday centre Medvedia Hora (Bear Mountain). It is offers about 200 parking possibilities for cars. The centre is actually occupying a surface of about 30 000 m2. Meals can be taken in restaurants, snack bars and there can be hired also boats and water bikes. The Administration of tourism is responsible for an auto camp with the capacity of 250 tents and camping units.
Information: +421 56/6492 597

Zemplinska Sirava - Recreational area KALUZA

About 10 km far from the town Michalovce is situated the holiday center Kaluza. Its relief (grassy and rocky) as well as its infrastructure are very advantageous for the holiday spent in camping caravans. There are also some restaurants, hotels, recreation centres and there can be hired water bikes too. Kaluza is equipped with a lot of playing fields and other attractions. In 1996 were in the holiday center Kaluza built some new four-bed cottages with social installation. The accommodation a capacity of Kaluza (50 beds in total) very attractive by the position in the very centre of the holiday region Zemplinska Sirava.

The village lies in the middle of the Kaluza recreation area, and forms the gateway to it. Within its administrative area there are several large company holiday centres offering the use of their facilities, catering and accommodation, and it is possible to stay in private family houses in the village itself, or in private holiday chalets located further a field along the whole northern shore of Zemplinska Sirava.
Information: +421 56/6492 262

Zemplinska Sirava- Recreational area KAMENEC

The recreation area Kamenec spreads out over 160 000 m2 of land is used mainly by package-tour holidaymakers. The most frequented part is the picturesque bay below the Kamenec Motel, with its single beach which is ideal for all types of water sports. The 2-star camp-site at Kamenec has a capacity of 50 units.

Zemplinska Sirava- Recreational area KLOKOCOV
Information: +421 56/6492 538

Zemplinska Sirava- Recreational area PALKOV

The last holiday centre in this recreation area in order of distance from Michalovce is called Palkov. This extensive site is able to take nearly 1200 tent and caravan units, and is ideal for family holidays combined with water sports and anglinf. Moreover, in special sense Palkov could soon be discovered, as there are several underground thermal springs in its close proximity awaiting development.
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