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Address Lúčky,
Telephone +421(0)44/439 2828, +421 44 437 5111

The Lucky spa belong among the oldest spas in Slovakia. Most of the present balneo-historians start any history of this spa with reports taken from the balneography by H.J.N. Crantz "Gesundbrunnen der Osterreichischen Monarchie", (Healthful Springs in the Austrian Monarchy), dated 1777. The written history of the spa began in 1761, when the owner Adam Turjansky built the first sanatorium building. It is also worth mentioning the year 1736, when Matej Bel reported the spa in his work "Notitia Hungarie novae historico-geographica". The Lucky spa and its healing properties have been written about by such authorities of balneology as Dr. Vietoris, who performed the first analysis of the springs in Lucky. The prefect of this manor, Wisner von Morgenstern, ordered the construction of the new building with the large dining room and 17 guest rooms. In the mid-19 century, a new sanatorium was built here. It was following 1948, that Lúčky obtained the base of the modern, scientifically based treatment. The thermal springs were proffesionally contained, spa building were reconstructed, and accomodation and social rooms were outfitted with new equipment. The examination and treatment workplaces were equipped with diagnostic and therapy devices and equipment. Based on this assumptions, the rise of the spa in Lucky can be linked with the first third of the 18th century.

Lucky has the long tradition in the treatment of gyneacological diseases. Therapy is understood in a complex way, supported by the following components:
1. natural healing sources
2. kinetotherapy
3. supplementary physiotherapy
4. supplementary drug therapy
5. curative diet
6. climate therapy
The spa therapy in Lucky is one of the most efficient curative methods. The basis of all balneologic methods is non-specific general effects, which are influencing the overall condition of the client and play a positive role in the recovery process, mainly by tuning the more fundamental functions of the body.

The following gyneacological problems are treated in Lucky:
7. primary and secondary sterility
8. infertility
9. disorders in ovarian function
10. defects in the development of the uterus
11. chronic inflammation of the internal cervix
12. conditions following gynealcological surgery
13. conditions following abdomenal surgery related to the minor pelvis
14. conditiions following appendectomy to the age of 21
15. commplications following termination of pregnancy
16. menopause syndrome

The optimum length of the treatment stay is 28 days, for the treatment of the climacteric syndrome 21 days.

The crucial natural factor of the spa therapy in Lucky is the springs of curative sulfate-hydrocarbon, calcium-pyretic hypotonic mineral water. Six springs of curative mineral waters rise here: Valentina (31,8°C), Viktoria (32 °C), Barbora (30,3 °C), Marta (21,5 °C), Helena (25,5 °C), and Maria (25 °C). The richest sources are Valentina and Viktoria. In addition to thermal mineral water, mud is also used for balneotherapy in Lucky in the form of the hot and wet packs. The natural curative factors in Lucky also include the moderate, stimulating climate, which supports the balneotherapy in a suitable way. The character of the surrounding and the sea level classify Lucky in a climate area of the mountain range of Tatras.
    In the complex conception of the balneotherapy, when the treatment is oriented not only towards the disfunctional organ, but to the whole body of female clients, the influence of the spa environment and climate on the human organism is not neglected. The therapy regime with the reasonable selection of time schedule and intensity of the individual curative procedures, reflecting the specific needs of individuals is being adapted in such way as not to present a burden, bud to provide for sound bodily and spiritual comfort during the whole curative stay.

The Lucky spa is situated in a mountain valley opened to the south, under the slope of Velky Choc, at the border of Liptov and Orava regions, at sea level of 653 m. The Lucky spa is four kilometers from the railway station in Liptovska Tepla (slow train only), and 17 km from Ruzomberok.
Airport - Wien (Austria), Bratislava (Slovakia), then by train or bus to Ruzomberok, then by bus or by taxi to Lucky. We can provide transport from airport to spa.
Train - Ruzomberok railway station, then by bus or by taxi to Lucky. We can provide transport from Ruzomberok to Lucky.
Bus - Ruzomberok bus station (intercity bus lines), then by bus or by taxi to Lucky. We can provide transport from Ruzomberok to Lucky.
Car - international road E50 Zilina - Kosice, 2 km behind Ruzomberok in direction to Liptovsky Mikulas (or Poprad, Kosice) turn left, then in Liptovska Tepla turn left to Lucky.

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