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Spa Bardejov  
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Address Bardejovské Kúpele, 086 31
Telephone 00421/54/477 44 70, 477 42 45, fax.č.: 472 35 49

It lies 5 kilometers from the town of Bardejov, in the valley of the Bardejov Brook, also known as "Kvasny" (sour) Brook. Nearby is Mount Magura
(902 meters), which protects the entire spa valley from wind and harsh changes in weather. It forms a natural protective barrier both to the east and west of the spa. Where the spa begins, some 690 meters from mouth of Bardejov Brook, it is 279 meters above sea level.

Bardejov Spa offers the possibility to treat the following ailments, as recognized by law:

I. Oncological problems - conditions existing after completion of oncological treatments when no sign of the cancer remains.

II. Blood circulation problems - conditions following acute carditis, valve defects, ischemic heart disorders, and myocardial infarct, hypertensive disorders of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd stages, problems with limbs related to artherosclerosis, conditions following thrombosis and thrombophlebitis, conditions after heart surgery and vascular reconstruction.

III. Digestive tract disorders - dyspepsia and benign disorders of the esophagus, stomach ulcers and those of the duodenum, esophagus, liver and pancreas, intestinal disorders, motor-evacuation problems, Crohn´s Disease, proctocolitis, conditions after resections of the small and large intestines, chronic gall bladder complaints, conditions following gall bladder /bile tract surgery, conditions following acute hepatitis and acute pancreatitis weakening the entire health condition.

IV. Metabolic disorders and those affecting hormonal glands, with internal secretions - diabetes mellitus, obesity involving  metabolic disorders or hyperuricemia, hyperlipoproteinemia, gout, thyrotoxicosis, and conditions following thyroid gland surgery.

V. Non-tubercular disorders of the respiratory tract - chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma in remission, conditions after repeated pneumonia and after lower respiratory tract surgery, hypertrophic inflammation and atrophic changes in the upper respiratory tract, allergic colds, chronic sinusitis, and conditions following upper respiratory tract surgery.

VIII. Renal and urinary tract disorders.

XI. Female disorders - menopause.

XII. Work-related complaints.
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