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Penzion VILLA BETULA Liptovska Sielnica
Penzión VILLA BETULA Liptovská Sielnica
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Address Vyšné Ružbachy 48,
Telephone +421 52 4266111,fax: 4266 560

The village Vysne Ruzbachy was established near rich mineral springs at the east slopes of Spisska Magura. Its altitude is 623 m above sea level in the valley of Zalozny creek. The region near the village has been inhabited since Paleolithic times according to the findings in limestone.

The first mentioning about the village was in 1288 when Soltys Henrich from Podolinec established Nizne and Vysne Ruzbachy. In 1412 Hungarian King Zigmund Luxemburg gave 16 Spis cities( including Vysne Ruzbachy) to Polish King Vladislav II Jagelonski as the collateral for a loan for next 360 years.
Sebastian´s son Stanislav used the spa to create a well known place for Polish and Hungarian aristocracy. In 1744 the direct branch of the lineage of Lubomirski dies out. Then the spa changes the owners many times and this was not very favourable. In 1772 the collateral areas were returned to Austrian Hungarian Empire and the spa deteriorated.

In 1825 Baron von Jony became the owner of the spa and he first renovated it. He built a new spa house and a mirror bath. His son Daniel took care of the spa until 1865 when the spa became the property of the Kezmarok Lyceum.
The Lyceum sold the spa to Polish Count Andrej Zamoyski in 1882. In 1923 he had builder Oscar Zuber built the natural thermal swimming pool which was the largest in Slovakia at the time. Gradually Ruzbachy changed to one of the most modern spas in Slovakia.
The Spanish king and prince de Bourbon visited the spa before the World war II.

The plans concerning the development of the spa were changed because of the World war II. and later by nationalization. In 1952 the spa was under the supervision of the Union. Since 1957 the spa returned to the supervision of the state. The spa buildings were mainly built between the years 1920-1940 and additional buildings were built between 1975-1997.
The highlight of the spa is the lake Crater, filled with the mineral water. The crater is on the top of a limestone formation and since 1967 it has been protected by the state. Since 2011, Vyšné Ružbachy became also the center of a comprehensive cardiovascular rehabilitation.

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