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Mill Guest House Velky Slavkov
Mill Guest House  Velky Slavkov
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Address Domasa,
Telephone +421

Domasa resort is situated in two districts Vranov nad Toplou and Stropkov 156 m above sea level. The dam originated from damming the river Ondava near the village Velka Domasa in 1962-67. Water level flooded 6 villages and their districts: Veľká Domasa, Dobra nad Ondavou, Trepec, Kelca, Valkov and Petejovce. Water of the river Ondava overflowed the valley 14 km long and 4 km wide that created the dam of the total area 1510 hectares and average depth 18 m and maximum depth 32,5 m. Optimum climate conditions of 20-23 degrees Celsius guarantee pleasant swimming m clear water from June to September.
A lot of people can relax by hiking, walking in the forest where it is possible to gather mushrooms or berries and to get to know historical interests of Domasa.

- Hotel DOBRA Domasa-Dobra, hotel
Telephone: +421(0)57/4494 408, (0)903/634 670, (0)907/374 808

- Hotel DOMASA (rekreacne stredisko Dobra), 
Telephone:+421(0)57/4494 274, +421(0)908/854 807

- Rekreacne stredisko Dobra
- Rekreacna stredisko Holcikovce (Eva)
- Rekreacne stredisko Nova Kelca , Telephone: +421(0)57/4499 219
- Rekreacne stredisko Polany (Monika)
- Rekreacne stredisko Valkov

Its banks are rimmed by bays and hillocks with unrepeatable scenery and view to green and blue level of water. The water area with outlying banks became a sanctuary for lots of different kinds of birds. If you are lucky you can see a black stork, ducks, bitterns, plovers., herons, elegant swans but also a ferocious kite or a white-tailed eagle. If you visit a resort Nova Kelca, you can refresh by mineral spring "Scavica" and see a baroque and rococo church with classical features originating in 1780 and which is protected from Domasa by a safety line.
In the direction to Dukla you can get to a much-frequented spa town Bardejov and Bardejov spa where is an open-air museum of a folk culture. You can admire historically valuable wooden churches in the districts of Stropkov and Svidnik and followers of modem art can see works by Andy Warhol in Medzilaborce.

Town Stropkov boasts his historical three chapels church from 14 century, monastic complex from 17 century and newly built Greek Catholic Church. ZOO is a lovely attraction for children.
Eastbound from the bottom of Vihorlat there is a view to scenery of Snina ponds and a climb to Snina rock will show you a beautiful view to Morske oko (Sea Eye) and Vychodoslovenska nizina (Eastern Lowland). From historical sights there are ruins of a former district castle Cicva from 13 century only 13 km far from Domasa and in Vranov there is a Roman Catholic Church  and m Hanusovce there is a Small Mansion House and renaissance Baroque Mansion House where is a national history and geography museum at present.
Leaving Vranov you can get to know places frequently visited by many tourists -Slanske vrchy (mountains) and their Valley of Giants, Simonka, opalmines on Dubnik, geyser m Herlany and a lot of fauna and flora in the protected area.

Banks of Domasa are devided to 5 holiday resorts. To the west part where is hotel "Dobra" there is a very good connection from Presov, through Hanusovce and next 10 km long road through beechen forests of Nizke Beskydy finishing in the resort " Dobra" but there is a good connetion along the main road from Vranov nad Topľou.
In the direction to Stropkov and border crossing Dukla to Poland there spread resorts Polany, Holcíkovce and Nova Kelca on the eastern banks. From Giraltovce, Stropkov and Svidnik through Lomne you can get to the resort Valkov.

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